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Why is your dog's dental health important?

Approximately 80% of dogs over the age of three are suffering from dental disease, these are shocking statistics for a very preventable issue. Poor dental health can be painful for your dog and your wallet if they need a veterinary dental.

Teeth brushing at home helps remove the soft plaque off the teeth, therefore stopping it solidifying and turning into tartar.

So what can we do about it? The good news is that even if your dog has a build up of tartar or plaque, there is plenty you can do to help!

The first and most effective (as well as cheapest) is brushing your dog’s teeth with a dog toothpaste. This can be purchased at almost any pet shop.

5 top tips for teeth brushing at home

1) Choose a time when your dog is calm and relaxed

2) Start off slowly by getting your dog used to touching their mouth, gums and teeth. Provide lots of tasty treats for positive reinforcement.

3) Gradually introduce the toothpaste and toothbrush, starting slowly and treating your dog regularly.

4) Keep sessions short and positive

5) Enzymatic toothpaste will help break down plaque after brushing

Natural chews (e.g. antlers, cow's ears, bully sticks etc) help to break down plaque and tartar, they also provide enrichment for your dog… bonus! (Always supervise your dog with chews).

Carry on reading to spot signs of dental disease and more top tips to keep your canines’ canines in tip-top condition.

Emmi-Pet provides an alternative teeth cleaning service which is effective and avoids hefty veterinary bills. Available as a standalone service or add it to your dog’s groom. Check out these results.

This was from one 5-minute session to help her get used to having her teeth brushed! You can find out more about Emmi-Pet services offered at The Soggy Dog Spa here..


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