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The tooth fairy does exist!

I wanted to share this great case study with you all!

This dog is 10 years old. His owners got in touch as his teeth had quite a lot of build up. He has previously had veterinary dental cleans under sedation & his owners were keen to avoid further sedation.

Did you know 80 percent of dogs have dental disease by the age of 3?

Emmi-Pet is not a quick fix. However, it is a great service to avoid teeth getting to the point of needing veterinary dental treatment This pooch visits every 2 weeks to clear the stubborn tartar & will move on to maintenance sessions (every 4-6 weeks.

Benefits of Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning:

  • Safely and painlessly remove plaque and tartar

  • Freshen stinky dog breath

  • Prevent dental disease

  • It’s non-invasive, silent and vibration free, so it’s entirely comfortable for dogs.

  • New plaque and tartar formation is prevented

  • Cleans deep into the gum line

  • Save £££ in veterinary fees

Want to have a nosey at some more satisfying before & after shots? Click here

Or want to know more about why your dog's dental health is important? Click here

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