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3 easy ways to add enrichment to your dog's meal times

Providing our dogs with appropriate mental stimulation is just as essential as satisfying their physical needs.

Enrichment can come in many forms, such as walks, sniffing, training and playing. Enrichment stimulates our dog's brains, which can relieve boredom, plus many more positives from enrichment activities.

Food is one of the simplest methods to provide your dog with extra enrichment every day.

Here are 3 easy ways to add enrichment into your dog's lives, without a lot of effort:

  • Add your dog's usual food to a slow feeder - it'll slow meal times down and make your dog work a little harder for their food.

  • Licki bowls - put your dog's food in a licki bowl. This tip works however you feed your dog. Luna and Penny are fed kibble, so I soaked it in hot water and mashed it into the bowl to make it harder. You could also spread wet food or raw in the bowls.

  • Puzzle feeders - the Kong wobbler and snuffle mat are particular favourites for a really quick enrichment fix. They also tap into a dog's natural instinct to forage for food.

Bonus tip: There are many dog feeders on the market, however, enrichment doesn't have to cost you lots of money. Enrichment can be as simple as scattering your dog's food in the garden or putting it in a cardboard box.


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