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XL bully - grooming after the ban comes into place

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

My insurance company has updated their policy on dogs covered under the 'Dangerous Dogs Act'... XL Bullys and XL bully types are now covered for grooming from when the ban comes into place in December 2023.

Copied from the insurance company: ''It is a condition... the following guidelines are strictly adhered to whilst the dog is in your care, custody or control''.

Whilst I absolutely do NOT condone the ban, and I am completely against it. I do however need to ensure I am following the Law and the stipulations set by my insurance company . This means should the worse happen, I am fully insured and legal/above board.

In order to groom XL Bullys/XL bully types at The Soggy Dog Spa, the following must be adhered to:

  • A copy taken of the exemption certificate - needed in case of needing to claim from the insurance company, eg if a dog was accidentally injured in my care.

  • A copy taken of the public liability certificate- as above

  • Dog Handler 1:1 - Although I work 1:1 anyway or with dogs from the same family, this means I'll be unable to take more than 1 dog at a time, even if from the same family. This just means we can schedule them on different days, or pick up one and drop off the next dog.

  • Proof of microchipping/neutering - as above to comply with insurance company/law

  • Kept on a lead and muzzled - XL bullys will need to be muzzled for their appointment & in public, eg arriving to and from their appointment

  • Kept in a secure place - the salon will be locked, which is also in a secure garden to prevent escapees.

Link to Gov website for information on the XL Bully ban

If you're a dog owner looking to get your XL Bully professionally groomed in Grimsby or surrounding areas, get in touch to arrange a free meet & treat.

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