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Keeping your dog safe this Christmas

New research released 12th December 2021 by The Kennel Club “shows that dogs were 75 per cent more likely to be treated for poisoned food in December compared to any other month in 2020” (Kennel Club, 2021).

Many of us like to spoil our pooches, particularly at Christmas. There is no reason why they cannot join in the festivities. Armed with the knowledge and information, owners can ensure Christmas is a time to remember for all the right reasons.

So… what Christmas foods can you feed your dog?

The answer is lots! Check out this list for what to put on Fido’s Christmas Dinner. Remember, though, too much rich or new foods can cause unwanted consequences. We wouldn’t want any accidents on Granny’s slippers.

  • Brussel sprouts

  • Parsnips

  • Carrot

  • Peas

  • Swede

  • Turkey meat (no skin or bones)

  • Lamb meat (no bones)

  • Scrambled egg

  • Green beans

  • Mash potato

  • New potatoes

  • Sweet potatoes

Read The Soggy Dog Spa’s handy guide on common toxic Christmas foods for dogs. Also included in this guide, is a fabulous festive dog treat recipe from Battersea.


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