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It's never just a bath..

''he/she needs JUST a bath'' .... is something I'll often hear for breeds that don't require clipping.

However, there is much more that's involved than just a bath. For this lovely pooch --> I'll run through what is involved in a full groom (no matting removal needed for this pooch)...

  • Starting with two shampoos in the bath, using high quality professional shampoo. The first removes dirt, grease and grime, and the second gets the skin & coat squeaky clean.

  • ️She then was dried & brushed, making sure her coat laid flat.

  • She had her paw pads, arm pits, bum and hygiene area clipped to keep her clean. She was deshedded, using a variety of tools to get the dead hair out.

  • She had her nails clipped to keep them at a good length.

  • Then moving on to scissoring... she had her ears, tail, leg featherings, feet and underline trimmed to tidy her up.

  • After all that we finished with cleaning her ears and a spritz of perfume

Our services go beyond just a simple bath - Because when it comes to your dog's care, nothing but the best will do.


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