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Stuff the enrichment!

Enrichment feeders such as Kongs are a brilliant way to add some mental stimulation, and they're pretty great at tiring your dog out too.

We always have a selection of feeders in the freezer for a quick enrichment activity. The frozen feeders are particularly helpful to relieve boredom when leaving the dogs home alone. If your dog is new to enrichment feeders, then don't freeze them just yet, this may just cause confusion and agitate your dog.

If it's safe for your dog to eat, chances are you can use it to stuff enrichment toys!

My top 10 favourite ingredients to stuff enrichments toys with below:

  1. Baby food (check for garlic/onion)

  2. Natural yogurt

  3. Cream cheese

  4. Peanut butter (check for xylitol)

  5. Sandwich paste, my dogs particularly love the salmon one (check for garlic/onion)

  6. Vegetables

  7. Cooked chicken

  8. Sprats

  9. Chicken feet

  10. Apple sauce

Luna and Penny kept a watchful eye whilst I made up the feeders.

My favourite enrichment feeders: Toppl, Licki Mats/Bowls and Kongs.


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