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Bath your dog like a pro this winter!

Rain & mud, every dog owner's nightmare. The floors never stay clean, the smell of wet dog lingering and mud splatters up the wall. Yikes! Learn some quick tips, so you can bathe your dog like a pro this winter.

8 top tips:

  • Have your supplies ready & in reach, no-one wants to be chasing down a Soggy Dog.

  • Rinse excess mud from coat before shampooing.

  • Using a jug, dilute some dog shampoo in warm water. This will help the shampoo foam up & work its magic.

  • Double shampoo - this is the key to getting a squeaky clean coat. The first shampoo binds with the dirt and helps get rid of it. The second shampoo is cleaning the hair & skin. Shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse.

  • A shower scrunchy is great for applying the shampoo & helps it to lather. Dunk it in the jug of diluted shampoo to apply.

  • Hold ear flaps down to stop water going into the ear canal, cotton balls also help to prevent water entering the ear canal.

  • A car chamois (a new one, not used on a car!) are great for drying coats. Pat/squeeze water out of the coat and wring out. Keep reusing it to get the majority of water out.

  • Avoid water entering the eyes & nose, especially on Brachycephalic breeds such as pugs & frenchies. On the topic of yummy wrinkly faces, use a wash cloth to clean in-between the wrinkles & don't forget to dry thoroughly with a towel or kitchen roll.

Bonus tips for curly coats - eg Cockapoos, Bichon & Labradoodles

Winter time is usually when groomers see the most matting that result in clip offs. Mud & wet weather are the enemy of curly coated canine. Use these extra tips to prevent matts forming.

  • Smooth conditioner into the coat & brush through in the bath with a slicker before rinsing.

  • Thoroughly brush & comb through when towel dried

  • Don't rub with a towel, friction causes matting

  • Conditioning spray applied after towel drying will add moisture to the coat & help to brush out knots.

  • If blow-drying, brush the coat as it dries. If air drying, make sure to thoroughly brush & comb through when dried.

  • If you're struggling at home with the maintenance required in the winter, why not try a shorter cut? Your dog will be easier to brush and bath at home, and they will dry much quicker. A shorter, well maintained coat will keep your pooch much warmer in the winter.

Need a demo on brushing long haired dogs? Check out our short TikTok video here.

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